Throughout December 2020 and January 2021 the Committee of the Hellenic Community and its Property Subcommittee with George Karageorge and Garry Spartalis have overseen significant repairs and maintenance and future planning assessments.

Reticulation on the school’s Hellenic Drive oval required detailed review with the replacement of the bore pump with a more powerful pump and assessing the water flow and sprinkler coverage. All repairs have been completed.

Damaged below ground toilet plumbing adjacent to the Palassis Building has been exposed, assessed and repaired. Toilets previously locked from use are now operational.

A water ingress problem in the undercover assembly area making a slippery concrete base more dangerous is now far safer. The water ingress was rectified by upgrading drainage and correcting waterflow, after grinding, a non-slip surface was applied to the concrete under cover area.

A failed pressure test on one of the school fire hydrants was investigated for a leak. The leak has been located and work has commenced to expose and repair the pipe.

Quotations are being sought for construction a new Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics building. With the increase enrollments in 2020 and in 2021, this building must be available in 2023.

Additional change rooms are required to allow efficient timetabling of physical education classes. If facilities are not adequate classes must be smaller and more teachers allocated. Designs have been sought to extend the existing gymnasium change rooms to accommodate twice as many students at one time.

Home science is in need to refurbishing to upgrade equipment, improve the layout, and allow larger classes. Designs and quotes have been obtained and funds allocated in the 2021 budget.

The above has taken many hours of volunteer time with frequent visits to the school grounds to plan works, meet with contractors, inspect works in progress, and sign-off on completed works.

My thanks to George Karageorge and Garry Spartalis for their valuable support to the Committee.

Mr Byron Spartalis
Hellenic Community of WA