Hellenic Community Aged Care   HCBA

Discussions have commenced with the planning department of the City of Stirling on the design of the two-level administration building and redesigned carpark at the main entrance. A development application will be submitted once the discussions have concluded. The construction will commence in 2024 on this $4.0m project and be completed by 2025.


Plans are progressing to locate a large storage building at the northern boundary of Hellenic Aged Care adjacent to the school main oval. This storage will allow for relocation of equipment housed in storage containers at Dianella and in Centre at Northbridge. Eventually, the block on the corner of Allexander and Hellenic Drives will be vacated and available for redevelopment. 

To improve security to the aged care facility, a fence and electric gate is being installed on the access road. The gate will be timed to open and close. After-hours access will be by way of staff security cards, keypad, and remote activation from inside the facility.

The north-west seating and entertainment area is taking shape. Once completed the area will be used for performances and as a casual outdoor seating area. With this project we have claimed usable land for better use by St Andrew's Grammar and Hellenic Aged Care. Both entities contributed toward the cost.


Liturgy Services

Many thanks to Father Terry who conducts regular Liturgy Services at Hellenic Aged Care.


 Resident and Family Christmas Lunch

Residents and families were invited to the Christmas Lunch on Tuesday 12 December at Hellenic Community Aged Care. Santa Claus arrived to provide a Christmas gift to every resident.  Staff dressed as Santa's elves, helped with the happy occasion, singing Christmas Carols and entertaining residents and families. Residents were invited to a pizza night on Thursday 14 December.







Resident's picnic afternoon in the shade of the olive trees. 


Resident pizza afternoon in the courtyard